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LO Order Picker License Info

TLILIC 0004 Licence To Operate An Order Picking Forklift Truck

What Is A LO Order Picker Licence And Is It Different To A LF Forklift License?

Yes An LO Order Picker Licence allows you to operate any LO order picker with lanyards and harnesses( depending on design). It will not let you operate legally those classified as LF (Load-Shifting Forklift). A-LO Order Picker Licence will allow you to operate a Load Shifting Order Picker or turret truck also known as a Very Narrow Aisle truck which is usually electric, they run independently across flat hard level surfaces or on guided rail systems built into your warehouse environments.

Can I Use My Overseas LO Order Picker Licence In Australia?

No, it is not valid you must get licenced in Australia before operating any High-Risk Work Licence Machinery.

Try Our Experience One Day Courses.


Does A Order Picker Licence Have A Age Requirement?

Yes. You must be 18 years old or over.

Can I Drive A Order Picker On A Log Book In Australia?

Yes. You must be enrolled and participating in HRW LO licencing training course with a Registered Training Organization.

You can then be supervised by a current HRW LO licence holder on your premises while awaiting testing.

Please contact our office for all information regarding logbooks for yourself or your employees.

Can I Operate In Any State In Australia On A Current LO HRW LIcense?

Yes, you can! Your LO Order Picker Licence, when done with us, is a National LO HRW Licence and can be used in any state or capital in Australia.


When Do You Run LO Order Picker Courses?

WE run one day experience and two day standard LO order picker courses day and night 7 days a week contact our office for all booking enquiries and information.

All Our Training is Face to Face with experienced industry trainers and assessors contact us and see why we are Sydney's number One forklift and order picker training company.


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Order picker trucks raise to high levels and are used for the fast moving operations where medium and high level order picking tasks are required. They are frequently used for stock checking and picking, and other medium and high level functions.


Most Order Pickers can be steered by the operator when transferring stock around a warehouse location. In wired and guided rail they are only steered from one picking aisle to another, in the picking aisle the trucks are steered automatically.


Narrow Aisle Turret lift trucks come in a variety of types, from ridged body to articulated centre joints .They can be used for stacking loads, stock replenishing and medium and high level order picking functions.

Turret/order picking trucks are only steered by the operator when transferring loads from one stacking aisle to another. Once in the stacking aisle the trucks are steered automatically by guided rail or wire systems The most common type is where the operator raises with load, simply stated the operator is within the cab he goes up in the air with the forks and load, this makes it quicker and easier to place and retrieve loads.


Are you are considering employment anywhere in the warehousing, retail, shipping or manufacturing industries, your next step should be getting yourself LO order picker certified by attending Absolute Forklift Training's LO Courses at our popular Sydney based training centre or on-site using your own machinery.


Ring our friendly Admin Team for more information on (02) 8678-3444






We Will Get You Licenced!!!!

LO Onsite Order Picker Training Wollongong

LO Onsite Order Picker Training Wollongong

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Stock Picker LO Training Onsite Silverwater

Stock Picker LO Training Onsite Silverwater

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LO Refresher Training Onsite Bathurst

Orderpicking Training Onsite Berowra NSW

LO License Training Onsite Eastern Creek

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