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Forklift Licence Info

High-Risk Work Licences: Forklift & Orderpicker From Absolute Forklift Training Sydney

TLILIC 0003 Licence To Operate A Forklift Truck

TLILIC0004 License To Operate An Order Picking Forklift Truck

Who Issues Forklift Licenses?

Safework issues national licences to perform high-risk work (LF forklift high-risk work licences) In NSW.

Can I Use My New NSW Forklift Licence In Any State Of Australia?

Yes: High-risk work licences (LF forklift) are Nationally recogniSed in all Australian states and territories.

Can I Operate Forklift Without A Licence?

A person performing high-risk work on a forklift or order picker must hold the relevant LF or LO licence unless they are undergoing training.

Only Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) approved by Safework can deliver training and assessment for high-risk work licences in NSW. The training and assessment must be delivered under the supervision of an RTO but practical training can occur in the workplace.

What Requirements Must I Meet To Apply For A LF Forklift License?

Eligibility for a high-risk work LF forklift licence is as follows:

You are eligible to obtain a licence if you:

  • are at least 18 years of age

  • undertake a recognised course of training

  • can use English at a level that enables the safe performance of high-risk work

  • have the necessary knowledge and ability to safely perform the high-risk work

  • have been assessed as competent by a safework accredited assessor working for the RTO using the relevant assessment instrument under realistic workplace conditions

  • apply to WorkCover/Safework for a high-risk work licence.


The assessor will issue a Notice of satisfactory assessment and give you an N5 application form when you are deemed competent in all areas of the testing.

How Do I Apply For A High-Risk Work LF Forklift License When I Have Passed?

You can apply for a high-risk work licence by taking the following documents to an Australia Post outlet within 60 days of your assessment:

  • the blue Application for a national licence to perform high-risk work (HRW Licence): New application (N4) form (provided by your RTO or Safework assessor)

  • the blue copy of your Notice of satisfactory assessment (provided by the safework assessor)

  • evidence of safework approved identity documents (originals only) showing your name, photo, date of birth, signature and current address to the value of 100 points

  • a passport size and a quality photograph of yourself with your name and date of birth printed on the back

  • the applicable fee for NSW at this time is $78.50 as listed in the Safework NSW fees schedule which can be found on the safework web site.


Are The Evidence Of Identity Documents Important?

Yes without the correct 100 points of identification documents, you will not be able to sit your workcover exam with the accredited safework assessor and Australia post will also not accept incorrect identification.

  • an Australian birth certificate and an Australian drivers licence, or

  • an Australian drivers licence, Medicare card, ATM card, and a current utility bill.

  • A current address where you reside (must be NSW) and only approved photo identification must be inclusive in documents eg> Club Cards Tafe cards etc..are not acceptable.

  • Acceptable ID Documents


Your high-risk work license is valid for five years from the date of issue and must be renewed at this time.

I Have A Forklift Licence From Overseas Can Operate On It In Australia?

No...You must enroll in a forklift license course in Australia to obtain your licence to legally operate a forklift in Australia.



1 Day Forklift License Training Course

2 Day Forklift Licence Training Course



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