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Corporate Onsite Forklift And Order Picker Licence Training

Company On-Site Forklift & Order Picker Safety Training.


TLILIC 0004 License To Operate An Order Picking Forklift Truck

TLILIC 0003 Licence To Operate A Forklift Truck


LF Forklift TLILIC0003 License Training &

LO Order Picker TLILIC0004 Licence Training

Absolute Forklift Training is New South Wales fastest-growing certified professional industrial training and licensing company. We currently provide training for some of the largest names in the Australian industry.

Flexibility is the key to our success. Our programs are individually designed to maximize your company's investment in machinery and human resources. Absolute Forklift Training Sydney can conduct training for you 24/7 right across Sydney, NSW & Australia.

So, regardless of the size of your company or location, Absolute Forklift Training is your total training solution.

Absolute Forklift Training Sydney will visit your workplace to run forklift training seminars with your employees, 24/7 ( we will work around any shift ) getting them licensed, refreshing their skills, or just familiarizing them with all current up to date forklift and order picker operating procedures and regulations.

Our customers count us as one of their most reliable vendors, based on the quality of instruction, willingness to help them improve their safety and ability to manage and follow through on each training project.

Practical evaluation involves the actual operation of a forklift. Students will be supervised by a qualified trainer instructor and they will be trained & evaluated on how safe they can operate a powered industrial forklift truck.


They will also be observed on how well they can apply the safety measures when it comes to operating a forklift. We will also put your operators on a logbook (conditions apply) so they can gain extra experience on your machinery during the licensing participation, this is done under the supervision of one of your current HRW forklift licence holders. (ring our friendly office team for more information)

Absolute Forklift Training offers clients customized pre-employment assessments on your new employees. Have one of our accredited assessors come out and assess your new staff against your company and industry standards ensuring your new employees are competent to handle the equipment safely and proficiently.

Absolute Forklift Training also offers periodic refresher courses at intervals that suit you to keep you and your colleagues up to speed with the latest technology and legislation surrounding Forklift, Order Picker & Stock Picker Licence Training Operations. These refresher courses are to insure compliance is met and your staff continues to competently operate your machinery to your companies high standards.

Absolute Forklift Training also offers Incident Rehabilitative Assessments for any forklift or order picker operator who has had a near miss or incident, we retrain the operator in the areas where the problem existed to minimize the risk of any occurrence.

Participants Will Be Trained & Assessed In The Following:

  • Introduction

  • Driving and Operating a Forklift Safely.

  • Application Legislation

  • OHS/WHS Policies

  • Codes of Practice

  • Operator Responsibilities

  • Design Feature/ Engineering Principles

  • Attachments

  • Stability Characteristics

  • Risk Assessment And Hazards

  • Operator Inspections

  • Safe Operating Techniques

  • Pick-Up and Place loads

  • Maneuver/ Position Loads

  • Negotiate Identify Hazards Indoor/Outdoor

  • Correct Parking & Shut Down Equipment And Secure Site


Group Booking Discounts Check Below For Our Training Courses.

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Onsite Safety Forklift Training
Order Picker License Training
Forklift Licence Night Courses
Order Picker Refresher Courses
Walk Behind Forklift Onsite Training
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First Aid Courses



Forklift Licence Expert Advisors Sydney

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