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LO Order Picker Refresher Courses are a must for all operators and organization's who want to keep their licencing knowledge and practical operating skills up to date.

Regulations regarding order pickers and turret trucks are continually being updated, but unfortunately, not many driver operators check with safework regularly to find out these changes.

Operators of stock pickers over time pick up bad habits while operating, this could cost your company thousands in compensation and insurance fees for damage plant, stock, and machinery. That's where Absolute Forklift Training comes in.

Absolute Forklift Training's expertise in keeping up to date with all the changes regarding new and amended regulations and national standards in regards to order pickers/stock pickers, helps us deliver to your operator's current information and safety procedures as they become available.

Site Refresher Training Programs

Absolute can make site pacific refresher course solutions unique for your site after consultation and inspection for all your stock/ order picker operators. Don't wait till an accident occurs that could cause injury or damage be pro-active call us today to discuss the best options for you and your company.

All licenced Orderpicking operators should undergo regular licensing refresher training. Why?

It keeps them informed of all new changes regarding current regulations and site safety whilst also re-enforcing and correcting poor driving and work routines. This is the most cost-effective way of supporting your Duty of Care Responsibilities regarding training, all operators attending our courses will be updated on all the new and most current safework legislation implemented since their original licence testing. (In some cases this could be many years)

REFRESHER COURSES are conducted for the following equipment:
LO Order Pickers and Stock Pickers. Group Bookings will be discounted on numbers enrolled.

REFRESHER COURSES can be conducted at your worksite or at our training school allowing our experienced trainers to provide and advise you and your operators on the best way to operate all makes of Stock Pickers and Order Pickers in your workplace.

REFRESHER COURSES help maintain safe work practices in your workplace. At the completion of the training /evaluation, an individual report will be submitted for each operator. This report will highlight all deficiencies each individual operator may have and areas where improvement is needed and rectified.

HRW Order Picker Truck Certification Training Operators will be instructed on how to conduct pre-work inspections, steering, load handling techniques, how to work around pedestrians, hazardous driving surfaces, emergency stopping, lanyard checks, and order picker securing. The course is specific to the make and model of equipment used at your facility; a variety of order picker/stock picker equipment, for electric units, guided rail, Forklift Refresher Courses, and pallet trucks can be included. Operator skills will be evaluated to meet the regulatory training requirements. Recommendation: 8 hours of training for new operators; 4 hours of training for refresher classes and experienced operators depending on numbers.

Here Are Just Some Of The Benefits

  • Reducement of accidents and injuries

  • Greatly reduced, workplace injury and downtime due to accidents

  • Increased safety awareness for all your operator/drivers

  • Reduced inventory and machine damage

  • Increased productivity more efficient safe driving worksite

  • Reducement of company hotspot accidents and near misses in your workplace through training and risk assessment on-site during the refresher training and much more...

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