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One Day Experience Forklift Licence Course $295


Absolute Forklift Training is open for business as normal to ensure the safety and well-being of our students we have re-arranged our training areas to allow adequate social distancing requirements. We have hand sanitizer and hand soap for student use. Our staff also disinfect training areas throughout the day.


One Day Experience Forklift License Courses.

TLILIC 0003 Licence To Operate A Forklift Truck

From $295 At Our Training Centres

What Are One Day Forklift Licence Course Requirements?

Forklift Licensing is Competency-Based If You Have Previous On The Job Experience Operating A Forklift Then You May Qualify For This Experienced One Day Forklift Licence Course.

To participate in this course you must have previous practical/driving experience operating a forklift here in Australia or Overseas.

This one day course is for anyone who has previously driven a forklift under supervision of an employer, a previous user on the old logbook system or those who have held a forklift licence before but failed to re-apply for Safework's (Formerly Workcover) new photo HRW forklift licence within the amnesty period.

This one day course starts at 7 am prompt if you turn up late you reduce your chances of qualifying within the time frame and you will be upgraded to our two-day course at extra costs.

I'm Not Sure If I qualify for This One Day Forklift License Course?

Have you driven a forklift regularly over the last 6-12 months?

Have you held a forklift licence before either in Australia or Overseas?

Do yous peak and read English well?

Are you 18 years old or over?

If you answer No to any of these questions then you need to go to our 2-day forklift course or contact our office for more information regarding your eligibility for this course.

Is This Course One Day Only?

Yes, this forklift licence course is one complete day if you pass all the training and formative assessments in the morning with your trainer assessor. If successful in your training, you then will proceed to your WorkCover test assessment with the Safework (formerly WorkCover) accredited assessor in the afternoon. If unsuccessful in passing your formative test (with trainer assessor) then this day may be shorter depending on each individual's specific training needs and you will be upgraded to our two-day course at extra costs.

How Do I Study for My Test?

You will need to self-study all the pre-course training materials for theory and calculation elements for the testing before attending your one day course. We send you a fully illustrated training manual workbook with all the training content and self-assessment and pre-course questionnaires to help you check and monitor your progress. Failure to study this training material prior to your course may result in you not passing this one day course and an upgrade to a two-day course with further costs will apply.


What If I Don't Pass My Training?

You will be informed by your trainer/assessor of your results, you will be advised and trained in the areas you will need to improve to pass your course and you will be required to re-book with office to attend another day  at a later date  where further costs will apply.

Extra Training Costs

All pricing for course training and upgrades, extensions, or re-assessments can be located in our Schedule of Fees and Charges which is included in your pre-enrolment package. Please refer to your StudentHandbook-which is given to every student on enrolment for all your course obligations and ours. You can access a copy here by clicking the above link or by phoning or speaking personally at our training center to one of our very helpful office administrators.

What Day Can I Do A One Day Forklift Licence Training Course?

Absolute Forklift Training runs one day experienced forklift licence courses at our training centers every day except Saturday and onsite seven days a week.

Ring our friendly admin team for more information on  (02) 8678-3444

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