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Absolute Forklift Training is open for business as normal to ensure the safety and well-being of our students we have re-arranged our training areas to allow adequate social distancing requirements. We have hand sanitizer and hand soap for student use. Our staff also disinfect training areas throughout the day.

TLILIC0003 Licence To Operate A Forklift Truck

Forklift Licence - LF Class -Forklift Training Courses & Assessments

The LF Forklift courses are competency-based and the majority of other training companies have now simply made all courses a minimum three (3) or four (4) day course. At Absolute Forklift Training Sydney we know that people learn at a different pace so we are keeping our courses at the two (2) day price rate and you only pay for additional days if you require them. So simply we believe you should only pay for a one (1) day or two (2) day course not a three (3) or four (4) day course if you are capable of achieving your forklift or order picker license requirements in this time frame.

Our Modern Sydney Warehouse Training Centre facility is the ideal learning environment. No matter what experience you have in operating a forklift or order picker truck, we have daily training courses that can have you licensed as soon as possible at the very best price.

We can unite you with 27 employment agencies who regularly use our new forklift or order picker licence students to fill their constant ongoing staffing needs.


Our trainees are normally offered positions earning anywhere from $20 an hour to $35 an hour to fill a variety of shifts, employing for retail, warehousing, shipping or manufacturing environments.

LF Day Forklift Courses Monday To Sunday 7.00 am to 3 pm

The time frame for delivery and assessment of our forklift licence training course is approximately 2 days. Our 2-day forklift licence training course is designed not only for experienced operators but for anyone with little or no experience driving forklifts. Generally, Forklift Training Courses require recommended specific hours. However, if you can provide us with prior learning in both knowledge and driving skills then this can certainly help to possibly shorten the length of the training you may need. In terms of the actual structure of our training program, it would not be accurate to assume the training program to be overly stiff or academic. The truth of the matter is Absolute's forklift training program can actually be fun and enjoyable. The training program will cover all vital areas of the criteria to enhance your forklift learning experience.

Course Study Material can be picked up from our training center or we can email all material to our students. It is required that you Study This Prior To Commencement Of Your Course!

One Day Course

This course is designed for experienced operators who have been operating forklifts for at least six months in their work environments or for operators who have lost their HRW forklift licence due to not renewing under the new high-risk work licensing system. You must have good English, reading, and writing skills and must study all the pre-course training materials prior to your attendance. Additional training may be required if you do not meet and follow the above criteria and further costs will then apply.

Two Day Course

This course is our beginner's course and is designed for anyone with good English, reading, and writing skills and can drive either a car or a forklift. Additional training may be required if you do not meet the above criteria and further costs will be incurred. A deposit of $245 is required to secure your booking and the balance of the course fees is payable upon commencement of your course. Extra training days are available at a cost of $100 per day Monday to Friday and $150 for night and weekend courses. All extra training required to resit the WorkCover testing will cost $200 for Monday to Friday courses, and $250 on Weekends and Night Courses.

Course Study Requirements

Course participants are required to learn the answers to the questions contained within the provided Forklift Training Material. Questions and Calculations must be answered correctly to pass the formative examination. The Safework assessment involves both the practical / driving / Forklift safety checks and the theory/calculation components.

Course Duration

Courses run daily from 7.00 am to 3 pm which includes a coffee break and a lunch break. New courses start daily and nightly Monday to Friday or you can do our weekend course on Saturday and Sunday.

Day One Of Our 2 Day Course

Consists of full training in both the theory and practical components. All criteria you are required to do in your formative (Qualifying Test) assessment will be delivered on this day.

Day Two Of Our 2 Day Course

Consists of further training and revision and a formative assessment of the previous days learning in the morning with progression to the full WorkCover assessment in the afternoon if ready. Students not ready will be required to attend the third day at an extra charge of $100.

Day Three or More If Required

It Will Cost $100 Monday To Friday or $150 For Night or Weekend Courses. This Consists of further training and revision and a formative assessment of the previous training days learning in the morning with progression to the full WorkCover assessment in the afternoon.

Participants will receive notification results of their assessment upon completion of the course. If successful, a forklift license fee of ($78.50) is required to be paid to Australia Post who will then forward it onto Safework / WorkCover for the issue of your nationally recognized forklift photo licence Note: (This must be done within 60 days of the completion of your assessment) failure to comply will result in the need for retesting at further costs.

What Must I Bring To My Forklift Training Course

Please ensure that you bring originals of the following: Black Pen and Calculator. Due to the current COVID situation please bring your own Mask
Identification 100 points (refer to attached ID requirements list in your pre-course material or click Link)
 Failure to supply the correct Safework / WorkCover approved 100 points of identification on training and all Safework / Workcover assessments dates will incur rescheduling and extra costs to you.

Fully enclosed footwear, eg running shoes, Steel caps NO THONGS or SANDALS.


Age Requirement:

All trainees must be 18 years of age or older to undertake the licence assessment. They must also provide proof of identification as per WorkCover/ SafeworkNSW. This information will be issued prior to the training. If a trainee has already undertaken an LF licence assessment at any other time we must be notified prior to your course commencement.


Please Refer To Our StudentHandbook

Not Sure Which Course Option Is Best For You?

For more information on which course is best suited to you, simply speak to one of our helpful Admin Staff at Absolute Forklift Training on (02)8678-3444 or email us at Click here


*Remember The Best Safety Device On A Forklift Is An Operator!*

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