Absolute Gold Cards

What Is A Gold Card And Why Do I Need One?

Absolute Forklift / Orderpicker Gold Cards are plastic cards that you can keep in your wallet or purse. It is evidence that you have the operating skills to be a safe member of the workforce.

New Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws, effective from January 2012, requires Persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU‘s) must ensure that all their workers have current competency for licences held.

WHS laws require employers to provide instruction, training and information to their forklift & Orderpicker operators to ensure that their skills have not diminished or fallen behind current industry standards. (This is the law).


Click here to visit Safe Work NSW website. 

Getting a Gold Card?

How Do I Get A Gold Card?

Our Gold Cards are issued after completing a Verification of Competency (VOC) assessment either at your workplace (4 people or more) or at our Seven Hills & Rutherford Newcastle training centres. Silver, Gold and Platinum Cards are issued for VOC currency to HRW licensed forklift and orderpicker operators of companies and the general public .This assessment checks your forklift or orderpicker operating skills against the current licensing requirements.

The forklift & orderpicker licence assessments are more stringent than it was a few years ago. The VOC assessment will check if you are still considered safe against today’s operating standards.

When Do I Recieve My Gold Card?

If assessed at our training centre in Seven Hills Sydney cards will be supplied on the same day as VOC assessment course, if onsite at your company or at our Newcastle Rutherford training centre cards will be sent  by mail within Seven Days of completion of VOC course, Gold and Silver Cards can be picked up in person at our Seven Hills Training Centre sooner if pre-arranged with our office staff.

Why Invest In A Gold Card?

  • A Gold Card looks great when being interviewed for that new job
  • Eliminate your bad habits
  • Compliance with your Duty of Care responsibilities
  • All Gold and Silver Cards have your full name engraved/ printed on card and your signed signature.

How much does a Gold Card cost?

  • Seven Hills & Newcastle Training Centres from $200
  • Your workplace from $180 pp  ( 4 people min) and big discounts for 10 or more.
  • Special discount pricing for onsite groups over 20
  • Ring our friendly office staff for bookings and costs on silver & gold cards.

How long does it take to be assessed?

Usually about 30 minutes per person.

Silver Cards are valid for One year (cost is cheaper)

Gold Cards are valid for Two years (most popular)

Gold Cards For Your Business

Can Your Business Conduct Training Internally?

Yes of course, but the workplace training for forklifts and orderpickers should be conducted by a person who can prove their competence and who has many years of HRW training and assessing experience. The whole process must be recorded, evidence kept and the content should sufficiently cover the licencing requirements.


Why Should Your Business Invest In Gold Cards?

  • Be compliant with current workplace legislation
  • Eliminate dangerous and lazy operating habits
  • Create and preserve good safety habits and goals within your business
  • Absolute Forklift Training Registered Training Organisation No:40678 use trainer/assessors for our VOC's with over 30 years industry experience.

Absolute's Forklift Truck And Orderpicker Truck Operators Gold & Silver VOC Cards

Keeping you operating safely!!! 

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