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Get Fully Certified In 1-2 Days
Get Your Forklift Licence In Just 1 Or 2 Days
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Get Your Orderpicker License In Just 1 Or  2 Days
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Weekday Forklift Courses $395.00 p/p (normally $495.00 p/p)
Weekday Orderpicker Courses $395.00 p/p (normally $495.00 p/p)
Weekends or Night Forklift & Orderpicker Courses $445.00 p/p (normally $545.00 p/p)
LF/LO package deal $750.00 p/p (normally $990.00 p/p)
Onsite License Training At Your Site (Special Rates For Group Booking)  (Please Call For More information)
VOC & LF/LO Refresher Course  Discounts

Licence To Operate A
Forklift & Orderpicker Truck Training Includes…

•Driving the forklift / orderpicker.

•Monitoring site conditions for potential

  workplace hazards.

•Monitoring and maintaining forklift / orderpicker   performance.


•Pre-start and post-operational checks and procedures.

•Hazard prevention and control measures.


When you book today, you’ll receive a detailed 
PDF Pre-Course Study Guide & Pre-course Questionnaire that will help you prepare for and understand what to expect during your course.

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Get Your Forklift Or Orderpicker Licence
For Just $395 

2 Day Beginner Forklift / Orderpicker Training Just $395
1 Day Experience Forklift / Orderpicker Training Just  $295
Bring-a-Friend and Save $45 Each
One-on-One Verbal Assessments Available $545
Speak to Us About Our Group Discounts 
VOC Gold Cards & Refresher On-site Group Training
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Nationally Recognised Training

Discounts Available When You Take More Than One Course

Forklift Licence

Course Code TLILIC0003

Licence to Operate Forklift Truck

Order Picker Licence

Course Code TLILIC0004

Licence to Operate  Order Picker

Walkie Stacker Training

Refresher & VOC Training

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Testimonials From LF & LO Trainee's

Absolute Forklift Training What a great course, very funny smart trainers, very professional presentation and delivery and free lunches to boot, I'm sorry I had to leave haha. If you really want great training and licencing see these people they rock.

Ps Thanks Raymond Your the Bestest.

Leanne T From

Balmain NSW 2021

Absolute Forklift Training I thank you sincerely.

I sent 4 of my workers to you for a forklift licence 1-day experience operators course. They returned licenced up and very happy about their training and licencing they informed me that the atmosphere and training were second to none and that all your staff was very professional and helpful.

Jessie Lennox

From Penrith NSW 2020

The best part of my training was learning all the safety rules and driving skills for forklifts.

Your relaxed settings and very professional trainers made me very comfortable.

I would like to say thank you for a very smooth training course and the variety of free lunches offered.

Ray Meaker From Bathurst NSW 2019


1. How long does it take?
Depends on your experience we have 1 & 2 day courses which is usually sufficient to get licence. 
2. Are there any hidden costs?
We don’t have any hidden costs, everything is transparent upfront…  just give us a call to find out more .
3. How much does it cost?
Courses Start at $295 for experience operators & $395 for beginners.
4. How hard is it to pass?
Absolute have a pass rate of 97% for 2 day course participants.

CONTACT US (02) 8678 3444

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